We make bioassay simple
LumiShot solves problems
There is a growing need for bioassay technologies worldwide:
  • water pollutant detection;
  • providing schools and universities with modern lab activities;
  • in-home noninvasive diagnostics of endotoxicosis;
  • poor food quality products detection.
Cost and simplicity of LumiShot make bioassay simple.
LumiShot description
Portable device for low-intensity light measuring. Designed for lab activities on bioassay at schools and universities. Also, this cuvette luminometer is perfect for bioluminescent research in scientific laboratories.

The device is powered through the USB port of your PC or laptop and transmits information to a special application for annotation, processing and data measurements storage.

The sensitivity of the instrument is 10¯¹⁸ mol ATP, which is provided by a separate count of photons falling on the detector.

The product is designed and patented in the Siberian Federal University.
The enzymatic bioassay
Enzimolum™ enzyme biotests allow carrying out express bioassays of water and physiological fluid for pollutants.

Advantages of bioluminescent tests:
  • Broad screening – over 25,000 toxins
  • Rapid/emergency screening compatible
  • Focused toxin-class identification systems
  • The method is compatible with standard laboratory equipment
  • Shelf-life of reagents is up to one year
You will be able to carry out enzymatic bioassays with the LumiShot device outside the laboratory: at home, at school or in the field.

The method of reagent obtainment and Enzimolum trademark are patented.
We invite you for cooperation
Our product is in the final stage of prototype completion. This spring we prepare for trial sales. Our technology is simpler, cheaper and faster than competitors’. We are looking forward to cooperating with businesses to release a test batch for educational and scientific organizations in order to promote bioassay methods.

We are ready to show a working prototype at the following address:
Krasnoyarsk, Svobodnii prospekt, 79, lab. 13-07.
Contacts: Ivan Denisov, denisov@molpit.org, +7 960 769-07-25